Sunday, December 7, 2008

What good do you do the world?

What good do you do the world?

That was the question asked in our Priest's homily in mass today. What an interesting thing to say, really. He went on to talk about people getting heart transplants and getting a second chance at life and what were they going to do with it. Do you continue living a selfish sinful life or do you really try to improve yourself. That is a question that can be asked of any one of us, not just transplant patients.

Anyway, it makes me ask what am I doing? Am I contributing to the world in a positve way? I think that I am in the raising of my children. I am trying to raise and educate my children to be good, thoughtful, educated people... well we are still working on all of those points, but hey my oldest is 7. My husband was also asking, do I really contribute good to the world? I told him yes, for both of us, if nothing else are contributing our children who we are raising to be contributers to society.

I rather suspect our priest offended some people today, I mean after all homily's aren't really suppose to make you think are they? They aren't really suppose to make you work to be a better person because you priest actually does a good job of getting to the root of issues and makes people really think about what he is saying.

It always kind of baffles me how many people just go to church out of habit, and not really because they want to. Why dedicate that much of your day to something you don't understand and don't appreciate? I suppose many are just doing it out of habit, it was something they grew up doing.

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