Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas thoughts

Wow the Christmas season is on us once again, I often wish that the general good will found in this season would last the whole year. It makes me think about the things that I am not doing very well, and the things that I am thankful for.

Every year at growing up we always had a big party, which was fun, but as a child that was what we all looked forward to. Parties and presents, and I guess I never really thought about some of these things until I see them coming out in my own children. Maybe it is just the nature of children, they are a paradox at times, on one side very innocent and often giving, yet on the other they really expect everything to appear for them. Christmas is a holiday of many expectations, and the parents struggle to put their children on an even keel between give and take. Though that is an extremely hard course to run, you want to give them a nice Christmas, but you don't want them to get greedy at the same time. So whats a parent to do?
I have decided that we are going to be doing about 3 gifts this year, the number 3 for the trinity.

1. will be something they need, this will probably be clothes or somthing along those lines.
2. will be something they want, this will be some kind of toy or game.
3. will be something for the family, or to share.

My second Daughter has already informed me that this is not sufficient for her, I guess we will see what she really thinks when it gets down to it. We will be making a big trip to visit relative over the Christmas and New Years Holidays, and that is what I consider to be the #3 gift, something for the whole family. Maybe I am being too nervous, or letting them expect too much. We have never had really big Christmas's, but on the other hand the kids are deffinately getting older so there is that to contend with.
I guess I am largely struggling with how to get my children to appreciate the Holidays for what they are really about rather than buying into the manufactured consumerism. It is so hard to escape though, its every where, TV, radio, billboards etc.

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