Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have gotten to the point where I don't often think about my allergies a whole lot until someone feels bad for me that I miss out on all these foods..... then ah, what I would do to eat some fresh fruit again.
I have what is termed in the medical world Oral Allergy Syndrome.... and let me tell you, it sucks.
My particular bane is birch pollen, which means I can't eat so many of the fresh fruit most people take for granted in my area. Peaches, apples, cherries, plums, kiwis, carrots, parsnips, and many others and some, like pears and celery that have the same protien that I just haven't reacted to yet.
The human immune system is a wonderous thing indeed, there are so many things that it does and functions perfectly at, while there are some where you just have to say... "what is wrong with you!"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Over reacting

I have always wondered why people react to things the way they do. Also when certain people know they have been ofensive and are just as at fault or more at fault for an incident why do they refuse to appologize? I have experienced this in the past and it has come up on a parenting board that I am a member of. Mother does not stop her almost 3 year old from beating on a baby, and she wonders why the father is angry? She thinks she is the one who deserves an apology and wants to report the father to the police, because he protected his baby?!? The woman is freaking insane! Why are people like this? So selfish and self absorbed that they can only see their own very narrow world view?

It doesn't make them any friends, it only reafirms them in the quack end of parenting. Who wants to let their kid get beaten with objects and not stop the offending aggressive child? When the parent of said child doesn't take any action, who wouldn't be angry?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Am I the kind of person who could really run a business? I don't know. DH brought home a book this weekend on women owned startups... and it just got me to thinking, is this really something that I could do? Some of the things that I am interested in could probably make some money, which sure would be helpful right now. I hate this whole paycheck to paycheck exsistance... well we aren't quite that bad, but not as far off as I would like.
I mean really I have a hard time keeping up with my blog, I always end up with 5-10 half done posts that just never get posted. I suppose I might be more motivated if it was actually bringing in a little bit of money, it really wouldn't take a whole lot to ease the budget up a whole lot.

So much to think about.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It sure is a bummer when your computer dies. Our good and trusty laptop that has stood the test of time finally died last weekend... sigh... So now DH and I get to sqabble over the desk top... :P

Monday, June 8, 2009

School is coming to a close for the year

Though my children were quite dissapointed to learn that we are going to be comtinuing part time over the summer.
I was just looking back at pictures for the year to realize just how much every one has grown and how much we have done over the year.
My eldest made her first communion this spring, in many ways it was such a shock, much more so than my 30th birthday. Though that hit my mother hard, her daughters turned thirty and her eldest grandchild started her more adult journey in the church. Wow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

video games and Life?!?

My family recently aquired an Xbox video game system, it has been an interesting thing to have. The kids really want to be absolutely obsessed with the thing which has in turn lead to some very strict time limitations.

Anyway my husband and I have been playing some too, so now some months later we finished one game, and both came away with kind of a "thats it?" type feeling. Rather disapointing I guess. We collected all the "treasure" and unlocked all the "secret" levels, and it was wholely unfufilling. For what ever reason this started a conversation on the purpose of life, and the importance of religion in our lives. Sometimes life seems that way, doesn't it? We rush around to all our appointments and such and make such a big deal out of making more money and getting more stuff, but all the consumerism tends to lead to trouble, in more ways than one I think. First there is always something more to buy, I mean good grief if you listen to the advertisments you need to buy a completely new wardrobe ever single season, I mean really do you *have* to? Though when you live in an affluent area it makes for great thrift store pickings.

I started thinking about the Holy Fathers condemnation of our consumeristic attitutes, and perhaps something like what my husband and I realized is what he ment. Surely not all possesions are bad, but I think it is the letting them control us that is bad. It takes away our free will, and that is what the Holy Father is condeming.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another year

Another year has come and gone another year older, how the time flies. Especially when you have 4 children and a husband to manage, and some times the husband is more work than the kids.

I just cut my baby's hair for the first time, she was due for as she is almost 2. Thankfully it turned out fairly well. I guess it just seems a little sad as she is the youngest and in many ways I want her to stay a baby. Any way now her hair is all trimed up so it won't be in her eyes and hopefully won't frazzle so badly in the back.

Granny is here visiting and wanted to get the kids new shoes, they are very excited to get them. Both the older girls picked out pink sneekers, and my son wanted to shoes just like Daddy's, the baby didn't really care, but got pink much to her sisters delight.

My Oldest is getting ready for her first communion, and I sit and think about mine and wonder if I was as little as she is, probably. I think my dress would fit either one of the girls.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Children are very funny

Some children have pacifiers, blankets, or bottles, mine have stuffed animals.

My youngest loves her ponies. I know, I know, mama watch out in a few more years the stuffed ones won't be good enough any more. At this time though she is so adorable with them, She rolls on the floor and says "Neigh neigh, neigh neigh" over and over again. She is just in ectasy over this little stuffed creature. Needless to say it is becoming very well loved.
It makes me wonder how long it will last, my almost 6 year old was the same way, just with ducks, and she still has them and loves them. Not to quite the same extent as when she was 2 but very much none the less.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Goals are somthing that we all need. When you don't have any real goals you tend to wander aimlessly. A list of goals is something that I am working on this week, and I am trying to put in everything from the day to day, to the long term and really what at this point seems completely unatainable.
I have some to realize that we all need goals, and I think that has been a big problem for us over the last couple years. Years ago when we were first married we put together a list of things we wanted eventually, and amazingly we actually succeeded in that list. So maybe we need to do the same thing again, at least it can't hurt.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I never really did think that I was going to have to learn how to cook again. Until the Dr told me I needed to take my son off gluten for 3 months. Cooking with out wheat or gluten is rather hard, at least when it comes to baking. The bread I made looked like some kind of pudding inside a puffy crust. Blech, rather gross.
The brownies turned out well though. I seem to have better luck with the backing powder or soda type breads or cakes. I was thinking about trying some Irish Soda bread.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to school

initially when my husband mentioned this my first thought was "are you crazy?". This was about 5 years ago and it was hard for a little while but has brought a lot of benefit to our family, particularly my husband. He is the type that has to be kept busy, and when he mean busy he tends to want insane. Not the type of insane that tends to run in a house with 4 small children, he likes the insanity of a packed schedule full of intelectual challenges. So hes been relatively content for a while, but the monotony of work home work has been getting to him again and so off we are to law school this time. I am confident he will get in, but he is hitting the books and really studying hard for the LSAT, which is this coming weekend, it will be interesting to say the least.
So we just have to manage to stay employed for a few more years. Hopefully that will be something we can do, but one never knows with the economy as it is and all the layoffs going on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We just got back from our trip to Alaska, and boy was it cold! While we were there it was down around 40 below zero while we were at my parents house and when were at Justin's it was down around 20 below. Very unusual especially for the Kenia penninsula, not so much for Wasilla but still.
Brings back memories of living in Fairbanks when the tires would freeze so it was like driving with rocks.

The kids had a grand time visiting everyone, my older daughters absolutely loved all my mother's baby goats. I think there were many days we only saw those two for meals because they were too busy taking care of the babies. Joe just loved having all these guys around ot play with and climb on, Uncles every where! Poor Tommy my brothers son was just heartbroken though that some one else would take his Dad's lap. Our toddler didn't like it though, and spent most of the time with me or Justin. Very frustrating, I felt badly for her that she was so insecure, but at the same time she was with family who just wanted to love her and she screamed at them all, just for looking or smiling at her... sigh, made for a long trip.