Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another year

Another year has come and gone another year older, how the time flies. Especially when you have 4 children and a husband to manage, and some times the husband is more work than the kids.

I just cut my baby's hair for the first time, she was due for as she is almost 2. Thankfully it turned out fairly well. I guess it just seems a little sad as she is the youngest and in many ways I want her to stay a baby. Any way now her hair is all trimed up so it won't be in her eyes and hopefully won't frazzle so badly in the back.

Granny is here visiting and wanted to get the kids new shoes, they are very excited to get them. Both the older girls picked out pink sneekers, and my son wanted to shoes just like Daddy's, the baby didn't really care, but got pink much to her sisters delight.

My Oldest is getting ready for her first communion, and I sit and think about mine and wonder if I was as little as she is, probably. I think my dress would fit either one of the girls.

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