Friday, March 27, 2009

video games and Life?!?

My family recently aquired an Xbox video game system, it has been an interesting thing to have. The kids really want to be absolutely obsessed with the thing which has in turn lead to some very strict time limitations.

Anyway my husband and I have been playing some too, so now some months later we finished one game, and both came away with kind of a "thats it?" type feeling. Rather disapointing I guess. We collected all the "treasure" and unlocked all the "secret" levels, and it was wholely unfufilling. For what ever reason this started a conversation on the purpose of life, and the importance of religion in our lives. Sometimes life seems that way, doesn't it? We rush around to all our appointments and such and make such a big deal out of making more money and getting more stuff, but all the consumerism tends to lead to trouble, in more ways than one I think. First there is always something more to buy, I mean good grief if you listen to the advertisments you need to buy a completely new wardrobe ever single season, I mean really do you *have* to? Though when you live in an affluent area it makes for great thrift store pickings.

I started thinking about the Holy Fathers condemnation of our consumeristic attitutes, and perhaps something like what my husband and I realized is what he ment. Surely not all possesions are bad, but I think it is the letting them control us that is bad. It takes away our free will, and that is what the Holy Father is condeming.