Friday, October 23, 2009

Over reacting

I have always wondered why people react to things the way they do. Also when certain people know they have been ofensive and are just as at fault or more at fault for an incident why do they refuse to appologize? I have experienced this in the past and it has come up on a parenting board that I am a member of. Mother does not stop her almost 3 year old from beating on a baby, and she wonders why the father is angry? She thinks she is the one who deserves an apology and wants to report the father to the police, because he protected his baby?!? The woman is freaking insane! Why are people like this? So selfish and self absorbed that they can only see their own very narrow world view?

It doesn't make them any friends, it only reafirms them in the quack end of parenting. Who wants to let their kid get beaten with objects and not stop the offending aggressive child? When the parent of said child doesn't take any action, who wouldn't be angry?

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