Friday, July 15, 2011

So Done

Sometimes I am just ready to walk away.

I talked my children into staying in Oregon, leaving friends in the lurch, to see Granny.

Well Granny isn’t seeing us, and isn’t doing anything about it.

I am just so angry, we made a huge sacrifice for nothing…. we left really good friends to try and help with family…. all we have achieved is upset slighted children, and parents.

She won’t believe me that things need to be taken seriously, probably because I am too young….. its so stupid and I am so angry.

Its just maddening. She still isn’t telling the truth…. she may not be out right lying, though I know for certain that she has lied to me, mostly I think that she is just not telling…. but really why bother going into the hospital and get all the tests done… they wouldn’t have done them if she had told the dr her real history in the first place.

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