Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Will

At what point in your life does free will matter?

When your free will impinges on other peoples free will who wins?


Well in DH’s family, Free Will only counts if you are over the age of 50.  Any one under that age is a tool to be used at the older generations convenience.

Does one persons desire’s out weigh other people’s convenience, peace of mind, and even their needs, simply because of their age?

It certainly seems to in that family.

I don’t understand how these supposed Christians can live with themselves?  Doesn’t the guilt invade their minds?  Perhaps that explains all the anger issues.

I am realizing that family has some deep running psychological issues, that need to be treated.  Every single one of those children has some serious anger and control issues, which they seem to think they have the right to inflict upon the younger generation.  Who by the by, does nothing right, if they attempt to think on their own.

When does it end?

No one is allowed to show they care.  No one is allowed to step outside of the expected and accepted behavioral standards, that they have determined and which change at their whims…. usually when one of them breaks it. 

Can this older generation do no wrong?  Can mine do no right?

Free Will only takes you so far.  MIL was/is making decisions that put some serious burdens on other people…. is it her right to do that to her children, in-laws, and grandchildren? 

According to her siblings it is, and she has every right to make those decisions , because that was what she wanted, and to Hell with everyone else. We were there to serve her…. whether we were capable of doing so or not.  The siblings who decreed that we would do it, never even thought about helping, and were offended that we thought they should, because well… their obligations are more important that ours, or so they seem to think.

I were also told off quite severely, rather threateningly to tell the truth, for expressing my opinion on the matter…. because that would burden her.  Her brother told me that I was mean, judgmental and accusatory. 

I am sorry that I actually care for my MIL and don’t want to see her die! 

I swear the woman wants to die, and she doesn’t see any problem making the rest of us absolutely miserable in the process.  Including her grandchildren…. innocents.

According to all her siblings she has that right… and it is our duty and obligation to accommodate those desires, because it is her Free Will, even to the point of endangering other people, those outside the family.

The Dr’s opinion didn’t matter either…. probably because he wasn’t over 50 either.

When will the insanity end?

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