Monday, August 30, 2010

Life as a Mom

I threw out my back last week, spent most of the weekend on the couch pretty much immobile.   Might as well hold the baby right?

Now he is quite assured that that is the way life should be… well I suppose it should, he is only 4 months after all… but gosh, not only do I have the weekend to catch up on, I am still much slower than I usually am at the whole thing.

I am still waiting to hear if DH is going out of town on business, he said probably, but I haven’t heard back… from what he said he would be leaving tonight….

3 year olds are funny, sent I. to bed because she was just being a monster… she didn’t fuss about it, figured maybe she would actually take a nap and that would be a good thing…  she pops out about 15 minutes later.  “I’m happy now!  Can I go down stairs?!?”  Well I guess as long as she’s happy.

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